Just moments ago I was the victim of an avalanche…in my own mind. It all started out with the best of intentions; I was trying to figure out a way to replace our TV stand with something safer so our one year old daughter can’t pull down the DVD player and/or the entire stand with everything on it.  That eventually lead me to a place where mind avalanches are inevitable – pinterest. Looking at DIY shelving and storage (because I don’t see anything on craigslist and I want to try and be wise with money and not buy something over priced from a store), I was lead down a rabbit trail that went a little something like this:

Oh that is a cute shelving idea” (pinned); “oh man I really need to get more organized” (start looking at ways to organize every room in the house, including cleaning out and cutely arranging my bathroom cabinet); “all this ‘talk’ about organization is really reminding me how much I need to start working out more, my butt just isn’t what it used to be” (I’m being embarrassingly transparent here, ladies); “speaking of working out, how should I change my diet? Should we go paleo? Gluten-free? Maybe I should look up some meal plans and recipes…”

Then, thankfully, I caught myself. I put down my phone, walked into the living room, sat on my couch, and said “Hi Lord.” In but a moment,  I went from being caught in a crazy ball of snow tumbling mercilessly down a steep mountain, to sitting with my back against a sturdy tree, planted by a peacefully flowing stream, in the midst of a green meadow. That may sound a little “Anne of Green Gables” but that is honestly how my soul – and mind – felt. God is my rest. There may be many good things, but He is best. My to-do list may be long, and distractions many, but nothing is more needed, valuable, powerful, transforming, or productive as drawing near to Him. My day is seriously so different when I give Him the first fruits of it and allow His Word to fill my mind. It is not only a matter of me starting my day with focusing on Him, but also not letting the rest of the day be given to things that redirect my thinking and keep me from engaging in my relationship with God and others.

We can’t all sit snuggled up in our favorite chair, with our hot drink of choice, reading, praying, and journaling for an hour first thing in the day, everyday, the Lord knows that. In the scenario mentioned above, I only sat on the couch for about 3 minutes (though I do prefer and often spend more time than that). But that 3 minutes set the stage for the rest of my day. It created the right kind of hunger – nothing less than the Word of God and His nearness would come close to satisfying my needs. It created the right kind of mindset – filtering all things through God’s truth rather than the desires of my flesh or lies of this world. It created the right kind of dependency – the realization that I need Jesus 24/7 and He will always be there, ever faithful, ever powerful, ever loving. With these – the right kind of hunger, mindset, and dependency – your day will be vastly impacted and kingdom-oriented, even in the midst of daily duties such as changing diapers, giving work presentations, cooking dinner, etc.

True, true, this: Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere!  {Psalm 84:10} I encourage you to place yourself at  His gates today, everyday. Let the waves of His mercy, the flowing stream of His sustanence, and the roaring waterfall of His love overwhelm the avalanche of messages we can be inundated with.

Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His presence continually. {1 Chronicles 16:11}

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. {Matthew 6:33}


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