Why now? Why these circumstances? Why bother? Answer: Because God is sovereign, His timing is perfect, and He works all things for good to those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose.

Do you ever wonder why you were born now as opposed to, say, a hundred years ago? I had that random thought (which I have actually had several times) while I was at church today. Almost as quickly as I thought it, the reply, “for such a time as this,” came to mind. It was clear, bold, quick, and strong. Backing up a little, I woke this morning with overwhelming gratitude for God’s faithfulness in my life. Through every joy, trial, fire, doubt, heartache, and accomplishment He has been with me – strengthening me, teaching me, holding me, correcting me, healing me, never abandoning me (even when I felt like He had). So, as I stand singing at church, thinking about the morning’s reflections on God’s faithfulness in my life, as well as thinking about why I am alive now, I was overcome by the simple yet simply amazing truth that God has a plan, and He is working it out. This is not new information, but extremely powerful if we choose to believe and embrace it!

Maybe you feel like your circumstances are keeping you from God’s calling in your life. I encourage you to look at what God has placed around you and see how He can use you exactly where you are. Maybe somebody close to you has hurt you and that hurt has seemed to have set off course some of the things you had planned. I encourage you to keep your eyes on God and see how He can turn what someone else meant for evil into good for your life. God has an amazing way of turning the hardest parts of our life into the most powerful ones. Maybe you are a new mom at home with the baby when you used to be in full time ministry or the job of your dreams. I encourage you to see every opportunity He presents you with everyday to shape the life of your child and the other women you connect with.

What if we stopped waiting till our circumstances were different and we started living right where we are, with what God has currently put in front of us? You are alive now for a reason. You are where you are at for a reason – even if that reason is unfair, caused by someone who did not have your best at heart – God will use you there! And I promise, with all my heart I believe, you will bear fruit.

For such a time as this…this moment…God has a plan. It might not seem like it, but it is so true. Trust Him. See with eyes of faith. Ladies, I say this with a heart full of so much love for every single person reading this and pray with all my heart that you believe it – God is present with you, He loves you, He wants to reveal more of His power in your life, and He wants to use you right where you are, for such a time as this.


One thought on “For such a time as this

  1. Thanks, Cari. As always, you have the perfect things to say and I know it all came from personal experience. Thank you for sharing your heart and pain with others. God will use you no matter what! You have so much to say. Of course, I relate to all of it. Thank you! I needed it.

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